Alpha Exodus: Leaving Early Access (2024)

Alpha Exodus: Leaving Early Access (1)

Alpha Exodus: Leaving Early Access

The Fun Pimps are happy to announce 7 Days is leaving Early Access! With the launch of the next update, we’re moving officially to 1.0 for 7 Days to Die.

TFP Co-Founder Richard Huenink details the move in this Video. He’ll talk about our decision to leave early access, the tentative launch dates for PC and Console Alpha 22 (Now 1.0), the roadmap of planned future updates and features ahead for all platforms, and the games new pricing.

ALPHA EXODUS: The Road to 1.0 (Video)


Have more questions? Look at our comprehensive FAQ below!



Q: Why release now?
A: We have been developing 7 Days for nearly 12years and have had over twenty large scale early access releases that have brought the game to a significantly different place and quality than where it began. Our team feels satisfied with our efforts, especially with the significant overall progress, art quality and optimizations that have gone into the current release slated for all PC and Consoles and are ready for launch. We are now turning our focus to other ways we can support ALL versions of the game – through our planned roadmap, free updates, and beyond! The Fun Pimps have and will continue to support 7 Days to Die development with a majority of their resources.

Q: Why are some features in the road map?
We have put significant work into these systems but some still have a ways to go to be ready for prime time. Rather than keep 7 Days to Die in further Alphas, we think it’s time to leave early access and officially announce our 1.0 launch, future plans and commit to the deadlines on these features. With that said, supporting and keeping parity with PC, PS5, and Xbox X/S Series will be our top priority.

Q: So what does this mean for A22 and other Alpha builds?
A: Alpha build updates that were detailed or talked about prior to this news are going to become the major planned updates shown in the road map. The naming convention will reset to “Version 1.0” and so forth.

Q: Will there still be early release/experimental builds?
A: Yes, we still release experimental builds on Steam before going stable. Stable releases will go to console and other PC markets after they are ready.

Q: Will I still be able to access older alphas of the game?
A: Yes we will continue to support this on Steam as the Steam policies permit. This will not be a feature in other platforms.

Q: What about the Kickstarter stretch goals?
A: We’re working on completing all stretch goals. As mentioned in the Kickstarter, some of these features will come post-launch. We are focused on ensuring all Kickstarter backers will receive the promised content.

Q: What was the 7 Days to Die “Apocalypse Edition”?
A: This was a tentative name we were considering for the console 1.0 release of the game. But, after working with Microsoft and Sony, we thought the best way to avoid brand confusion was to call it the console edition. We are scrapping “Apocalypse Edition” at this time to hopefully avoid confusion.

Q: Is there a roadmap for post-release?
Yes! You can view it below. Once 1.0 Launches, we’ll be updating the image with a more detailed look at what’s coming and when.

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Q: Will there be a price raise?
A: Yes, at launch of 1.0 stable the standard retail price of the game from that point forward will increase to $44.99 on all platforms and storefronts. We are offering a major Last Chance weeklong deal sale on Steam from April 22 to April 29, 2024 so that people willhave one last chance to get the game before the price increases.

Q: What will the price increase mean for my current PC/Steam copy of 7 Days to Die?
Absolutely nothing! Your PC/Steam copy of 7 Days to Die is still yours, and nothing will change besides it coming out of early access with a large free update and all future free updates. We appreciate your early and continued support of our title, and hope you enjoy the full launch.

Users who did not purchase the title before the pricing increase will, of course, have to buy the game at the new retail price point (or during any of our discount periods on Steam in the future!)

Q: Why increase the cost?
We feel as though the quality standard of the game has gone up significantly from when the initial price was set over 8 years ago along with over a decade of content and improvements. We’ve looked at how others have handled leaving early access, and this is a common practice. We in particular want the price of the PC version to have parity with the Console version. We do not wish to force any current users to spend more money to play the game they’ve always supported. However, new users should see the value the game offers reflected in the cost, and we hope that continued support might fund future endeavors in expanding the 7 Days to Die game even further – DLCs, Expansions, and continued free updates (including everything listed in the Road Map)!


Q: What does 1.0 Mean for a Console Release?
A: We are pleased to announce that 1.0 will be the version that the console launches on. While we currently are working out the exact release date, we’re aiming for it to release only a few weeks after the launch of PC 1.0 Stable.

Q: Will the Console Version have Crossplay?
A: While it will not be ready for the 1.0 Release, we are pleased to report that Crossplay connections already work with PC, PS5 and Xbox Series S/X. However, we are waiting for certification approval with Microsoft and Sony. We intend to have more information in the future, and hope for it to be released with Update 1’s launch (tentatively scheduled for Q4 2024).

Q: What about the old Console version?
A: Due to the significant technical differences between old and current console hardware, we will not be upgrading the legacy version. Legacy owners will have to buy the new title. However, we are working closely with Sony and Microsoft to provide a discount to digital legacy owners on their purchase of the new console edition.

We made the decision early on to focus on a ‘new’ version of the game that is unified with our PC version, and our efforts to update the game post-launch will be entirely focused on that version.

Q: What about the old Console version’s availability?
A: Due to product and branding confusion, we will be delisting the legacy console version from digital storefronts when the new version releases. You will still be able to play your old copy if you own it, but no future purchases of the legacy edition will be possible.

Q: Will I be able to use my old saves on the new version?
A: No. You will, of course, be able to continue to use your old saves on the Legacy version if it is installed, but saves will not carry over as they are not compatible with the numerous new changes.

Q: Will the new Console Edition get the same updates this time?
A: Yes! Our plan is to give the console edition owners every free update that the PC version gets, keeping parity with PC for Crossplay. If a feature is not technically possible due to hardware restrictions, or is otherwise restricted by certification requirements set by Microsoft or Sony, it will not make it to the console edition. We will outline any future updates if they will be limited or not make it to the console edition.

Q: Will the Console Edition get modding support?
A: We are discussing this, but there are no concrete plans yet. We are looking into how this might be achieved while maintaining performance on the console edition.

Q: Will the Console Edition support local splitscreen?
A: No. Due to technical limitations and memory restrictions, this feature is not currently possible on the Console Edition.

Q: Are there any plans for future consoles/ports?
A: We have no plans to announce at this time. We are still looking into other platforms.

Q: Will there be a physical edition of the game?
A: At launch, the game will be digital only. We have no plans to announce at this time, but may look into this in the future.

Q: Will there be any limitations or differences between Console Edition and PC on launch?
A: Console Edition will have some limitations, including:

  • Random Gen: The Console Edition will launch with a collection of pregenerated maps and the Navezgane experience. However, Random Gen will come in a patch soon after launch.
  • Level/Prefab Editor and World Editor: The console edition will not launch with the level or world editor..
  • Internet Connection/Server Connection: At launch, the console edition will be restricted to peer-to-peer games on the same platform. As mentioned in the Crossplay section above, we intend to release Crossplay in Update 1, barring any certification requirements or technical hurdles.
  • Other Differences: There will be a document in the future that details any other specific differences in performance, online capabilities, hosting features and more.

UPDATE (4/22):

Q: What does this mean for Gamepass?
A: 7 Days to Die will be leaving Gamepass by the end of April. At this time, there are no plans to enter back into Gamepass. However, we are exploring all future avenues with Microsoft.

Q: Save incompatibility between console versions? Also, will there still be Save incompatibility between patches?
A: Due to the technical architecture of 7 Days to Die’s game engine, users will have to start a new game with each major update. Eventually, this will not be the case.

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Thank You from All The Fun Pimps

7 Days to Die has been an incredible journey for our Team over the last 12 years, and for our fans who have been with us since the beginning. This game would not be possible without the continued support of our incredible community who have stood by us for over a decade, and we thank you all for that.

We will continue to support 7 Days to Die, because this game is still our team’s greatest passion. TFP will continue to make content, add new features and grow this Franchise… because it’s our favorite game too! We look forward to a bright future with many exciting releases!

Thank you for all of the support you have given us over the years!

Alpha Exodus: Leaving Early Access (2024)
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