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Washington, District of Columbia

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i 19 8 November 26 WednesdayNovember 30 DArhlhw i 1 1A (floor) 1 Executors 1 170 will land i I half pay pensions I or 16 16 New York Alexandria falling Do Do I do do do du do 1 du do is 3 4 281 28J30 30 Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday I 1360(8 lbs i 3206' lbs i invalid revolutionary navy nine uuums jur rtevoiuuonary services do old Tinta old Sercial do Hindostan Sohr Do Do Do WASHINGTON lv A 1 Do HAMILTON Do ARLINGTON ARCTIC i Proposals wm be day of ebruary1 egl at the harbor of Burlington Vermont: I 27 sticks 50 feet long (foundation) War Depsrtment Hurcatt of Topographical Engineers December xt 1852 received until and including the 10th ebruary1 next for tho following articles requir ftf lilt i vi vf ran rnrrrtl Saturday Saturday Saturdaysi Saturday'! Saturday Saturday Saturday Saturday 5 Saturday Saturday Saturday Saturday Saturday I Saturday Saturday Saturday or freight or January 22 ebruary 5 ebruary 19 Wednesday Wednesday eduesday Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday i Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday eduesday Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday? Wednesday Wednesday WetiriABrln ion and Georgetown Penfield Master xtuius Knapp Cathell Kendrick Kirby A Dayton II Lewis Wtlonn 'at uno' Ujfa Clpered at loa pointjti by the ''J: roughly sponged By the manufacturer before delivery 15000 yards 7 unbleached cotton Drilling ao do do do do OR MOUNT VERNON A ORT WASHINGTON are round trip 1 rom Alexandria 75 cents 1 Children half price 1 Return to Washington at 3 o'clock 3Z The THOMAS COLLYER win SBUwShIE leave Washington at 9 and Alexandria i 94 A every Tuesday and riday I Loaches leave the Capitol for the Boat at 84 A 10 Pisons wishing the coaches to call for will leave their names with Geo 4 Thos Parker 4 Cottelreshments on board the boat oct Th4M GEDNEY Captain 2 in do in in da do do do do Trek hewed or 4 BOWMAN Attorneys and Counsellors at Law San rancisco California doc eo2m DrTTtmS'RICHAAUJsT Residence street between 3d and our and a halt 'streets Office on Pennsylvania aveuuc below Hotel dee 9 eolin KENT tho large three story mid attic brick Build mg just completed on the northwest corner of Tenth and 'u Eruc8 he house contains fourteen largo airy rooms with all the modem improvements and conveniences and the location is among the most desirable in the city or terme apply at my residence on street a few doors from tho corner of Tenth A II MARKLAND WANTED nenr Pennsylvania avenue and 4J 1 and 12th streets an Oifioo alapted to a lawyer on the first or second floor Address at the offico of tho Na tional Intelligencer jam I dlw PROPOSALS OR BRICKS 'viS re ra i Office United States Capitol i Washington December 28 1852 i BALED PROPOSALS will be received' at this'offfce until IX twenty eighth day of ebruary next at 6 M' for furnishing all the bricks that may be required tb complete the extension of the United States Capitol all of hich are to be composed of tempered clay mode hand in single moulds and to be thoroughly burnt without any ad mixture of coal i The bidders arc required to dcconipany each of their bids with a sample of the bricks proposed to be furnished and to submit satisfactory evidence that said samples were made at the works of the persons depoiting4tho same and of the clay rf which they respectively propose to execute the contract No proposals will be received for 'bricks that are not made in conformity to this advertisem*nt snd to tho municipal laws' pf the city of Washington I The successful bidder will be required to furnish approved security for the faithful performance of the contract to the amount of twenty thousand dollars i Each bid to be accompanied by a guarantee signed by two Securities to the effec that in case the bid shall be accepted the bidder will enter into contract for the aforementioned bricks at the price statedin the bid at any time within thirty days from the acceptance of the proposal the sufficiency i of the said guarantors or sureties to be certified to byjSome person known to tho Department of the Interior I Each bidder is requested to state the number of bricks he will be able to deliver per week andlho time he will be pre jiared to enter upon the fulfilment of the contract should the same be awarded to him I Each bid to be sealed and endorsed Pruixoals for Bricks for the Extension of the Unital States i The bids will be opened in presence of such of the bidders aa may see proper to attend at the Department of the Interior on Tuesday the first day of March next at 12 1 THOMAS WALTER I Architect of the Extension! of the 8 CapitoL Il dee 2tf co2m (I I Court December of Columbia Washington county to wit tho case of Henry Lauck administrator of Isaac Lanck deceased" Th ua the approbation of the Couri7or Wsmlington coT a Hth of January next for the set tlement and distribution of the estate of said deceased of tho assets in his hands so far the same have been collected and turned into money wbeu and where all tho creditors of said deceased are notified to attend (at Court of this city) with taeir claims properly vouched or they may other wise by law be excluded from all benefit of said eZte nr we ekstohfl Pblisbed once a weekforthree in tho National Intelligencer previous to said 11th of January next True copy test w3t Register of Wills IN CHANCERY Ilezckiah Clagctt others against John A Linton find nthnr ESTATE JOHN By an order of JhL Circuit Court of thia District I am directed to state an account of the sums due to Otterback and tn aU administrator of JX Gleoek nnde deeds in thebiU fika vM too mount of all judgments rendered against said Walker in fa saidnotterbkSm CMdr tOra John Walke nnJVCto co*ck to the mh'dav ojd 1853 evidence of Wfe Jan 3tawtl4Jan' Auditor td'Lc of hemlock brown ah ur yel Stranrht and 12 inches at the small end of live timber Kinds to be poeiGcd and prices VU ij I inches at the small end to bi straight sticks uf square white pine 35 feet long and to square 15 inches 1 pieces of white oak plank 11 felet long averaging 12 sktuuca ju niutu aua iniCM pounds 7inch wrought iron spike A NOTICE The undersigned would rospect fully inform the citizens of Georgetown and the public general that fhey have associated 'themselves in copartner ship in the Auction and Commission business The business in future ill be conducted under thel firm of Cameron 4 An drew Iheir place of business is on Bridge street George town near the market Lbe'i aro Etl every flekcri ption of either by private or public sales Consignments respectfully soicitcd Cash advanced when required Auction sales every evening JASi CAMERON dee culm 1 BtLTIMORE LIKE INSURANCE COMPANY 15 bourn Street JOHN I DONALDSON! Biiesidext I THIS COMPANY proposts to liifsurK lives for one i or more years ur for life at the reducbb rates specified in tae following table being as low as safety to th assured arid to the Company would justify lwith lthee rates the assured enjoys the benefit of an immediate in lieiu of a prtosueclin and vneertmh bomts He risks neither his policy nor the premium Insurance on Lives' on every Hundred Dollars jt rrp OR NOROLK The steameri OcEonaiwill VytjrivTr Washington for the above place on Thiirs day next th 6th instant at'9 A bhe Will touch at Cone Rivkr and tho mual landings on the Potomac 3 d3t JAMES MITCHELL CHANGE Washington road I 1 dq 1 do do 1 HV LEWIS Auctioneer TJOOKS BOOKS! ifteenth Annual Sale Just received from New York Philadelphia and Boston a large assortment of English and American editions of suwuaru hih miscellaneous Hooks lu the various departments ot Literature the Arts and Sciences all new aud the latest llUDU3 st JJibles and Prayer Books of all sizes and variety of bind 1 Portlohos Paper Envelopes and variety of Stationery Gold Pens "with gold and silver oases will be sold at auc tion every evening this week at 8 o'clock at store No 14 Pennsjlrauia avenue near the National Hotel Books at private sale during tho day at auction prices 3t LEWIS AucL MARBLEIZED IRON MANTEIS COLUMNS TABLE TOPS Ac I f3HE SALAMANDER MARBLE how offer JL ing the above in great variety The articles produced by them anvcry exact in their imitations of the choicest Mar bles very sujierior in their finish and elegant in their designs They are cheaper than Marble and having an iron basis are more durable and cannot be injured by the action of acids or oils Having obtained a GOLD MEDAL for them at the last air of the American Institute and receiving milv eoon dations from architects builders the public and the press they invito attention to them with confidence iey uro also valuable to persons at a distance in their be ing more readily set tip than marble ami not 1 bible to be bro ken in their transportation A circular with designs and a list of prices will be sent by post on apjilicatiou SfLAS HERRING WAnunoows 813 Broadway New York under tho caro of OI1N RUSTON to whom all business communications may addressed Hudson corner of 13th street under tho eupennienuenec or tno inventors 4 Williams Si EciMiiss may also bo seen nt Salamander Safe Depot 135 137 and 139 Water street New York dee 13 3iu SEAL ING lACHINiES PRICE ONLY $25! PafffMitwl 141 itiro ii'i machine acknowledge! by all who have used it to JL be Hupcriut to that of any other Sewing Machine ever in ented for its simpJicity compactness the beauty and strength of its stitch and its cheapnuss It weighs about 25 lbs and eihU only from $25 to It will workncatly with the BinaU cat thread the finest muslin cambric or silk as well as linen woollen and cotton goods and all of leather It is so simple that a child ten years of age can understand and work it rapidly without any danger of ite getting out of order and can do the work of more than twenty seamstresses much bel ter in every respect than it can be done by hand The Ptitches are independent of each other so much so that if every other suu auias gooa ana strong it is un like and much better than any other sewing machine over in vented This machine is peculiarly adapted to family and plantation use ae it will do all kinds of sewing and when known will be generally introduced into families and ptan tatiuns I The Avery Sewing Machine Company have perfected their arrangement for manufacturing on the largest eeale supply any number of machines at the shortest notice Or ders addressed to CHARLES NETTLETON 251 Broadway New York will receive prompt attention dec 97 6m McGUIRE Auctioiieer7 SALE VERY SUPERIOR vv I will offer for sale on Saturday the 1 5tl' of January next at I on the first floor of my auction rooms the private stock of Wines belonging to the late Phineas Janney deceased of Alexandria Virginia embracing some of the very finest Wines of his own 9 dozen very superior Madeira dq do inches in width ami 3 inches thick 11006 white oak tree nails 2 feet lung to square 2J inches 500 pounds 7inch wrought iron spike 000 perch stone All the timber to be free from sap rents and otter inilperfections i "jimes of delivery as follows Oric third bn the 10th day of Mlly one third on th 20th day of Mayj and one third on the 3 lst day of May next Thc articles as delivered on these several specified days toibe measured and inspected by an 'agent of tho United Stites and if approved and received the quantities ao ap proved and received will be for 'according to contract prilce less 10 jer cent on amounts due which per cent will bclretained by the United States until the contract be coia plrted when amounts so retained will be paid to the contrac tor or will be forfeited to the United Statesiif the contractor fail to fulfil his contract Each projioaal will be accompanied with evidence that the proposer is able to fulfil his contract and the Department re oenes tho right of rejecting any proposal net satisfactory in all respects and of reducing quantities so a to bring thd same below amount appropriated 'l Advances on contracts cannot be made: But payments wil be made as stated jl The places of landing materials will be pointed out by the United States agent on notice to him by the contractor On thif account tho contractor is not to be subject to a delay of oven three days but such landing shall! not be considered a delivery of said articles to the United States No delivery will bq acknowledged except in quantities and times as stat Cu Ann in HPiinlanoa with a I1 if tuui auTVJU URKrilLjUIiUJ UCUTei cd inspected and received all articles will be at the risk of the contractor and under his care But when delivered ini spec ted and received they will be at theirisk and under th care of the States No delay tof inspect and receive I vi aiiuniu vn me pan or we I United States oct 7 6inif I LEDGE AVar Department Bobbau Corps ToroGRArmcXL Enoisekrs mw 1 November 6 1852 rpiIE following bis the law on this subject! Hie JL erection of a lighthouse of granite jron or a combina ol both on the outer Minot Ledge the entrance of Boston harbor upon a plan to be approved ify the Topogra phical Bureau a contract forth building thereof to be made with the lowest responsible bidder who shIl give sufficient security for (he faithful performance of thq same and the work to be executed in strict conformity' with the plan or plans approved by tho Topographical Bureau under the su pervision of nrh person as the Secretary of the Treasury may designate eighty thousand if Hans and proposals for the construction of ibis' Lighthouse conformity with the law will be received at the officeoof we undersigned until and including the 19ih day of next The prupoimig can include or exclude the cost of illuminat ing apparatus but the proposals will indicat4 the kind of for which the plan is adapted and the 4 Position and dimensions of tie shape aud sue Of i ABERT "nor 20tdA2uwtJanlfiCora Engined IntelLflreocer Retjuhlin ft YT rt I I a 9 vuiuu Muiuxiun vuurK'r Il Ncw York Bustoll Courier and I Baltimore Patriot will publish the above twenty times daily then twice week till 10th January i Chancery sale of a valuable farm of decrce of the Circuit Court for the coun lof Georges btate of Maryland tha undersigned as Trustee will utter for snlc at public auction on the premR tht'7th Jay of January next at 12 If bcow" 88 the late proper lfi3i acres nearly one third of whteh is well wooded the balance being unde meadow1011 with good proper Gon of The tract is situated in Prince Immediate ly bn the Patuxent river alx 3 miles from Washington and with cheap and easy approach to Baltimore by water the schooners and steamers from which place can stop seve rti times a week at an excellent landing on the farm The soil is very gixxl and th improvements mcludine all neeeary buildings for a farm are nearly as good as new There are some 00 bushels of wheat now seeded and the land will be kept in good condition for other crops up to the time ot possession given 1 nmo Terms of sale The tract will be sold discharged of dower rghts One fourth of the purchase money to ho paid in cash nnd thA hol'inoo IV I ii 1 1 vxwsi i i 1U lureu equat msrainients in one two and three yearn and secured in pursuance of decree i dee Liwlds WM CROSS Trustee Dk aud Mechanical Dentl respectfully offers his Professional Services to the La uies and Gentlemen of Wnahinirtsin ah and skilful performed 1 au His Odontalgic Mixture cures' Tooth ache instantly with out pain or injury to tho tooth I I families attended at their residences if desired Terms moderate Office Seventh street bchceen tlie Post Office and Pennstil avenue west side opposite Odd Pellotes' Hall dec 22 eo3w I i MUSIU WEBER id A PONSE respectful! inform the ladies and gentlemen of Wash ington that they will attend Balls Parties 4c with a well or ganized band of scientific musicians Promising to furnish 1 bct JIu31c which cun be procured they feel confidchc of cnvinir ierfett saHsfunHAn Il rviTu A 8lPeri0r performer can be furnished addition if required BVoid they beg leave th state that Mrind CngngeJ in the eBusiness an I that the same band will be under his direction havinn keen attendance at all parries of the present seasoOrders may bo left at Mr Confcrionery store i1' xr 4 at Mr I near the Marine Barracks and at Mr Wm Emmert a Georgetown dec eo2m qpOR RENT two STORKS oi Seventh street knCJir of 14 60 foot very handsomely mUh la Plttt? SaS8 windows Also 11 rooms suiu vert uP These rooms are very itne or terms apply to sept eotf SAMUEL OWLERi etc POU HIH awn DUNKIRK AVA? sniritbly constructed cM bunkers for tyreat Clrp of OKn (IOPOfrALb will be received up to and including the I Oth day of ebruary next for the following 1 a reotrirwl LI Oak Timber i rsAwatal a a i 7 ux Mwea ooy iu do 10 do do do I 6 by 10 ii do 14 do do rkm In Vrr I sawed to be stated in do do in cotton Duck weighing 11 oz per yard no do 22J do 4 4 demijohn? 5 gab each very superior Madeira 2 dozen very superior old Port 4 do pint bottles do 4 do Hockheimer 1S34 14 do Rudeeheimer 1811 1 do Rudeeheimer 1831 14 dozen superior Claret 3 demijohns do 5 gals each 1 do do 4 gals And of his importation i 4 demijohqs very superior old Burgundy Madeira gallons each 4 demijohns very superior new Tinta fi do 3 aniuvtau 2 do superior old Madeira i dta (Union) JAS McGUIRE Auct i JOHN McKIM AllviDCj aUU OlUlfiC JLIOI Ojice on fndiana avenue opposite the City Hall Washington Practical in tha ChifIji nf thn TliwtrirH nr1 also rpHE second quarter of this tho 24th tends to Collections Conveyancing and to the Prosecution of JL instant and expires early in MiwehiV M4snoaA3 i now I laims before Congress and tho various Departments of Gov i prepared to receive five more boiiAEass iid ah additional I ernment nov 20 2aw2m nllTllruil flnv arsVtsllnwi 1 lln A quarter will only bo ch arcrod from tkicdt Terms for board including tuitiot mattes rench Drawing and NeedteijrJs per quarter To vouncr ladies desimu nf nrrnjeiny I Al 7 ivugv ui iiuiivii wig insutuuon or further information application wiy iomade to Miss lIoirfLn tho llV Dr llntlrirt Ml nr ar "Nja uouvu RJ UV 1 aUUla JUaKQO Hon Maury and WmJ Hogan Circulars are furniidied at tho scboljj ALEXANDRIA AND WASHINGTON BOAT ffiVTL superior Btgamer GEORGE WASHING i I TON will depart at the hours named These boats leara tee regular steamboat wharf and navo fineoomfortable saloons for the accotuaodntiow of the I passengers fare 121 cents i Coaches connect with tae Boat Coaches lav the Capitol at 8 XQ 12 2J and 31 Leave Alexandria at 8 10 12 2 and 3J o'clock rt Leave Washington at 9 11 1J 3 and 44 jan Ot JOB CORSON Captaiih WASHINGTON AND ALEXANDRIA BOAT "TJI Tho suPrior Steamboat UNION with finecom 5 fortable aloons for the accommodation of pas sengers Hours ot departure for this week Ltsave the foot of King street Alexandria lat Th 9 11 14 3r and foot of street Washington at 8 10 12 2J 8j and 5 jan 1W (Union) JAME3GUY Captain of each kind) I 1 210 sticks of white pine (round)35 feet long arid 12 70 12 by 12 8 by 8 8 by 8 6 by 10 2 vu io oe statea ra the nronosal 40 pieces 30 feet long 12 by 12 1 ao 12 by 12 20 do 8 by 8 30 do 12 by 12 sawed on three sides Iron ji inch round iron In nici es rw'r 4 A 1 unveu ini vavs ftjug 1AP Awne 2 00qi cords best cobble or quarry stone fir crib ballast iTf similar in quantities and quality 4' re' the same time for Dunkirk New York will require the delivery to lie made during the month of May next The whole to be! delivered bv thl Intermeuiate age at rate and these premi urns may be made payable annually Isemi annually or quar terly at the option of the assured 2 i' Buys and sells Annuities I ells Endowments far children I Makes Contracts in which life thw inlerest of money is in valved RICHARD DQRSEY Secretary CHARLES PA1R0 Agent for ikel Baltimore Life In surance Company would call public attention to the reduced Prmiata now charged All Premiums or Policies in the Distnet to be paid at his office corner and 15th streets where applications for new policies cau ba made I tuaril if I January 8 January 22 ebruary 5 March 5March 19April 2April 30May 14 May 28 June 11June 25 July 9 July 231 August 6 August 20 September 3 ScDteuiber 17 OctobcrMt Wednesday October 15a Wednesday October 21b Wednesday November I I Wednesday vecemocr iw ednesday Deccmber'S i 1 Wednesday xin anuD Hirmv EDWARD COLLINS 4 CO No 56 WalLstreet BROWN SHIPLEY 4 CO i Liverpool ROBERTS CO 13 Anns Yard London MUNROE 4' CO 26 Rue Notre Dame des Vietoircs Paris i un vr rT xi uuai na navre The owners of these ships will not accountable for gold silver bullion specie jewelry precious stones or metals an less bill of lading are signed therefor and the value there therein expressed jan 4 ISLE ROY ALE MINING COMPANY jTGTlLE The Stockholders of said Companv arc hereby notified that a general meeting thereof for the choice of pffioers and far the transaction off any other business proper to be done will he at the Office of tho President of saiil Company in this city oh Monday the 17th day of January 1S53 at 5 dlw TROTT Secretary Office of the Iak Light Couipany i Washington December 30 1852 I HIE Board of Directors of this Company hav declared a A semi annual dividend of thrcd nud one half per cent payable by the President (S Hill eq) on nnd after January 8 185? BROWN JvB i Secretary GRUVER NESS WANT41D I wish to engage a lady in my family who can teach all the English branches uogezner wita music and Drawing Betters stating terms Ac post paid addressed to meai Aquasqo Prince coun ty Maryland will meet with pruiuptjuttcnthh dec tf i SAM Cl MORAN CHUBB BROTHERS Bankers opposite Treasury Department buy and sell Government Stale and other Stocks Loans negotiated bought and sold Cheeks on nil tho principal citifcs the United States for sale in sums to suit Money invested Deposites receiv ed payable on demand I Jec 2awlm 1 just received from tho manufactory of Messrs Pratt Ropes ebb 4 Co a splendid assertment of Table Cutlery which will sell very low by the dozen or in sets at from $15 to M0 Also oil hand a very superior and geuuino article of xtLSU ATVIIKA 1I1UI maim 17 I mu Hriu3i AjUirilta albata an warranted to be as good ai represented klh DSLEY Successor to Ljindsiey deg 2 Penn: avenue bettfeen 9th and 10th sis PUBLIC SALE EALIT under signed as executors of tho list will and lestament of llennetta ElzC itenAfttiAzl 1 La4 1 1 1 MUSI CWLU Il 444 4iU VUUU llULV tuenUcatcd and admitted to probate will sell at public saleun tho 7th day of January 1853 be'wfen tho hours of twelve a4 ibreo clock 31 on the premises the houses and lots belonging to said deceased They nrej situated at the coruerof and 1 streets iu a very pleasadt healthy and rapidly nuprovuig part Of the eity near the President's House and tae different Departments They front seVen tyjfivo feet on street uifd 103 feqt on 18th street! a billing expense only being necessary to put the buildings 4c in agood state of re UM VViutUlWIUlU VVD'llllUU Terms made kuowu ou the dav of saje SAMUEL STOTT i SAM'LtK 11 INBV dec eots WILSON LMiH ON CAPITOL HtlLnho west half of JL Lot 3 in Square 687 with two story brick house there on lot fronts 26 feet on A street north running back to ari alley 1194 teeL The house ioins the now hnildint nnw I constructed by Mr Randall and fronts1' directly the east parkof the Capitol Inquire of RICHARD CLARKE office corner of 6th street and Louisiana avejxuc I nov 5 cotf i 5 1 1 1 1 I the NEW YORK AND LIVER POOL UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS Lite hips comprising this line are the following 4t West the PACIIC Csnt'Nvn The ARCTIC cjnL Luce A Xtcomttock The ADRIATIC Cart Grafton The ships have been built by contract expressly for Gov erfiment service every care nt tneir construction aalso Uieir efigma to enure strength and speed and thir ac eommodauou far passengers are uneqmtlle for elegaues and ooturort of from New York to Liverpool in first cabin JL eadiu 570 Exclusive use of extra sizetate rooms 300 Prom Liverpool to New York an ni An experienced surgeon attached to ench ship 1 No berths can be secured until paid for 1 PROrOSKD PATKS or SXlLINd auwo J'rom Ktio Tor vu nay Saturday Saturday Saturday Saturday Saturday Saturday Saturday Saturday Saturday AGENCY AT ASHINGTON I I po RANCIS A DICKINS continues A to undertake the agency of claims before Congress and other branches of the Government inpl4diiiSr commissioners under treaties and the various public Me will attend to pre emption and other laud claims thurocuriny vf patents for the public lands and the confirmation byCongrM of grants ana claims to lands claims for propurty lust in or token tor the Service of the United property destroyed by tho Indians or while in the possession! of tho United States 4 l'nJ J'V uciuua talix4Vt i wo nuvtuci ui vuiniuniauuD half pay or bounty lands as well thoic against tho State of irgtnia as the Uhited States ail claims terowing out of con tracts with the Government for damages Sustained In conse quence of the action or conduct of the and in deed any business before Congress or the Uulffic Offices which may recruire the aid of an nr be moderate and upon the atnot of The ZlmZnd the extent of the service i I A is known to most of those who Have beeti' in Congress within the last few years er who havo occupied any public attention at Washington I His office is ou ifteenth street opposite the Trcasurv Department and next door to tho Bank of the Metropolis All letters must be postpaid dtf PATBurrciiii ed sperm "This oil for brilliancy durability nnd purity as a light and tor lubricating purposes whether applied to the delicate works of a watch or the most ponderous machinery surpasses atiy oil now known I It is warranted not to gum being' entirely deprived Of that substance which so seriously impedes the rapid movement of ua aniua macuinery ana tor ourning it is cheaper jaud bet ter than qny oleaginous substance now ia uise 7 i While it affords alight superior to gas for Camphine it is also free from the dangerous explosive quality of the latter being solely sperm oil purified i i I1 i So pure is thia oil that it will not nt any degree of njtum uju 11HUL3 uj tuo uuiitti Mates bavins thereby in thia as in every other particular an advantage over the best sperm oil as now used i After devoting many years iu experimenting with the va rious oils for the purpose of overcoming thear impurities as at present fabricated the undersigned assurei Jthe public that he has succeeded in producing tho ne plus of oils He pliers it as superior to any known oil in the world for the pur poses of burning and lubricating and iuvokea the scientific of all countries to test it and pronounce their opinion satisfied that all will agree that it is the finest oil bvr offered for sale wnjlAM Wnwwevvn mniec SV' 1 UXI JheTy A UJAab' milling or by A HATCH jriij' tho reni af Hotel and aho by wholesale at tho cottier bf 15th knd streets by dec eo3m WA LDBR IDG In the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia sit ting it Chancery October Tenn 185 2i! George Robert owler wife and oiin X' HUGH PAPERTON the trustee appointed by tho decree of this Court in this cause to sell the Jreal estate iu th bill of complaint and proceedings therein mentioned haviuc reported to the Court that he has sold tho saiie that is to tot No 222 and parts of lot Nos 221 252 iind 253 in Thomns Bealls addition to Georgetown in the District aforesaid and that At the sail sale A Hamilton Dodge was the purchaser of the same at and for the sura of livd thdusbnd and five dol tbat 110 saili Preier has in all things complied with the terms otjsaie it: is by Gio Count this 1 4 th day of Decemberiu the year 1852 ordered adjudged and decreed that the raid sale be ratified and confirmed unless gxid cause te? be shown to the Court here or bforo the 4th Monday March next provided the said trustU cause this order to be published in the National liftclligencer once a week for six successive weeks next before tie said 4th Mou day in March next i i By order of the Court True copy Testi i dee w6w JNO A 1 8 jllTH Clerk do do! do do do do ueorge uson do The anoy packets having resumed their weekly trips ship 1 we teat one of them will positively clear from a evrt Saturday (or oftener if necessary) 'and that uus punctuality may be depended upon during the year mntil interrupted by toe i bTUBGES CLEARMAN A CO 5 HO Wall street New York SHINN SON Alexandria mar ly 4 A DODGE Georgetown 7 TIERNAN 4 SON 5 Charlea street Baltimore Importers of IViuee Eiguors andfh'gars in gtor and customhouse a large stock of AMa'3era Sherry Claret Hock Port and Italian Wines 4c One of our firm is in Europe selecting and shipping us the purest and most choice Wines Orders for Wines 4c executed on most favorable terms dec 16 eo3m VAVUABbE vvliblle Lu itudes of white heads hava been changed within the last six months by the use of LOVErS WAHPENE viwi DgCS its natural color rom eight to ten bottles is considered sufficient iMd at MEDHURST Hair Dressers and ig Makers feutth street Siona Hotel where letters of feWjfi respectable persons eau Priea one dollar per (Repub) 24 3taw3m AND WARRANTS WANfEK dec 2 eo6t Bank CHUBB BROTHERS eo6t Bankers opposite Treasury 3 AKU tVAltKANTS Thfehtok 1 ket prices paid for Warrants iH i 7 8 esf mar 5 HAMILTON ANT ect 25 d3m Office opposite Treasury Building HALL The stock of Stationery Cut lery Musical Instruments Music Perfumery and ancy Goods of this old and eligibly situated establishment is to gether with the good will of it offered for sale by reason of the death of the proprietor Mr Wiliyun ischer or terms apply to his widow Mrs ischzu street or td Dr AV Gvstow at the Bank of Washington iUntil disposed of Altogether the goods will be retailed at inventory pricea i oct 4tf ICE CREAM 92 per gallon Owing to my improved facilities for making this I am now enabled to of fer the public the very best quality of Ice Cream at the re ntnA nf £2 nor 4 TT'T'Trn I I Confectioner 'A La Ville de Paris de 2awlnj comer Peoa avenue and 11 tb ti 1853 from Liverpool January 16ebruary Vebruary 23 March 9March 23lApril ft I'April 20 May 4 June jj 1 June 1 5 June 29JI July 13July 27August 10August 24 21 i October 5 i October 19 'November 2Tvovember 16 December 14 December 28 ON and after Monday next 2oth instant the Pas senger Trains will leave at 6 andSJ AM 12 and 4PM By order: dec tf THOS PARSONS Agent THROUGH TO SAN RANCISCO Via Panama New Turk and San rancisco Steamship tine com noseu ot the following new side wheel double engine stoam slUD vu: SCOTT 2100 tons Edward Dunn Commander CORTES 1800 Thos Crupper On thePacific side I STATES 1500 tons Berry Commander UNCLE bAM 2000 tons 1 A Mills Commander i si a 4 a A 1 a A luv nuiuiuc tme Thepe Steamers leave New York 471 er xo iQrtn xvlver on the foUowinc8 dafps Thorsdat January 20 ta i' SxruiiDAY ebruary 5 th Tuitsoxv April Sth 1 Th tsMhvnv mrll! 11 awtCj imij Will mnri her nassengers on tne wharf at Aspinwall Navy Bay where they taae the Panama Railrpadito Gorgona and from thenee by mules or on foot to Panama at which place one of the above splendid steamers will be in readiness to receive them and proceed immediately to San raucisco stopping only ht Acapulco for supplies of fresh provisions and fuel ffhe whole expeneo between Navy Bay and Panama will be between 18 and 820 dependant upon whether passengers walk or ride from Gorgona and weight of baggage 4 These steamships were built in New York within a yetfr and are expressly adapted for the trade have large and com fortable accommodations are ventilated in a superior manner and commanded by men of long experience The fare is un surpassed and steerage passengers are provided! with hair mattress and bedding Each steamer carries an experienced physician i Passengers are hereby' cautioned that tickets for this line are sold only at 26 Broadway New York niT'TP XX AO DAUUO VU 1 General Agents JONES 4 JOHNSON 80 Wall street AIRAX EMPIRE STATESMAN SENATOR ssj VI IUY aUVUUU rooms the private stock of Wines belonging to the late Phineas1 ri zl 2 1 ri the very finest Wines of his own Importation do Ilindostan do old Reserve do Madeira Grape Juice do old tMilo SLcrrv 150 pounds the squarejinchi pole of 10 feet diiuner 6(4 fl ATB BA 1 1 vari a A fkl 'IfcJ i a a UUI to wree composition nintlft4 nnd hpozci 1 viiHrl IWT xa wa a 1 1 1 Zv a re I re's 1 4 i A I vvppvr 1110 ouoys titled 1 JL a 1 a IK anttjnvxu the avech8eowto b0 for quantities delivered and inspect el 1 1 7 uolwm so arranged as to rvr Vnu upon the value thereof which nnr Kchrtrgo the whole load at once Each boalcanahle nf hnii forfeited to the United Stete if 1 7 4 a aa VVUlUttl UI CllUUlU I fuifi mens Af 7 PaId t0 ou the final luinimentot his contract i 4 i at theri of the edntractor until in received by the United State! agent but after being laspected and received the materials being then the tbe Unite'l States will be at therisk of the United iron Advertiser Buffalo DetroitHehS hentActor to be eubiect wh2to lJXLl oranes Ten water casks of 20 gallons andM J3al 0 Illinois Commercial Time delivery to no delay great thva xacn mu to be accompanied with certificate that the bil Thl weSTSibe and aUe Ss oblTgaUous of The DePartment reserves to itself the right of judging titics of a bid itf reducing any of the quan its judgment1 hetot uDt according judgment belowthe limit ef appropriations I 7': k' abert Jec dl2tA2tart1eblOVrPS 5n tee Intelligencer Republic and Union Cooner nnd Enquirer and Express' New York Commemal Advertiser Buffalo New York? Advertiser De UjiTfiffx 1 New York Erie twice a Seventh street between and streets opposite Odd ellow? CniD Pall Washington IIARLES SELDING and ANDREW WYLIE Ju having formed a copartnership for tho 'purpose of prose cIaL Congress the Executive Department or before any boafd of Coinwbsionera appointed for the adiuftt men! of spoliations or other claimor aginrt Uon prePared ve their full and fmthful atten that may be entrusted to their charre I They will also attend to obtaining pensions bounty land Ur du Unlud States Commissioner of th7unior ind Deeds for all the States Gmonv Prempt attention to tho taking of tea peSto Other dUtie8 Wbicb Charges will be moderate and regulated by the amount claimed and the extent of services required T(Communications (postpaid) will receive immediate atten 1 dec 4 dly fpEAS COEE 1 60 half chests Gunpowder Imperial Young Hvson and xand Otxhrer of each fine bugs Mochu Java and Rin Coffee part as fine Coffee as can bo found or sale by doo IfcLlawd i JESSE TYOON' aeo IS 24W417 i nearly opposite Haul IVa It axrvr VMV VI 0 U18 JUCalS or rate of toll £ee handbills te ereughly elucated in inuvu man ail ripeiras a ta nPTBtO fara a ateTaTm or Georgetown She has had ro fAren itthcng and can give tho highest 1 't'sn V' U9(J 'GOtf 1 1 1 MISS 8 7 English and rench Boanlinr ar6 Xav School for vw 1 street between Vdth dnd 14lft VW'ilTL 1 a lit I' 1 re 14 JL instant and expires early in Mfwehffl MexifnoaAS i now prepared to receive five more boitiioK? tid all additional number ol day scholars eqwrO daring the present I ARMY SUPL1E? trom tip 1 entrance iHKrlSn and Alamo I fl Offtck or Anatv CroTnixo asd EouiArte 50 (inadvance) pnlLADE1riuAt JEC 17 1862 I BALED PROPOSALS are invited and will bo received at is office until 10 A of the first day of eb I nmrv nnvf trip furiiriiMcr Lv nnntroifr fnIlo4Vin( Arrnv I OGIIDHCH HIH1 irtBLB TTH Iff 1 Cl A 1 ATM DI A hi IBB I II I LUU OU11UM h' I Clothing and Equipage Depot Schuylkill Arsenal in equal ton 1 ninthly or grcatcr proportions as tlio Department may re: if I Ture on or before the 3Jrt duy of Julyj l853 the undersigned a I reserving on tho part of tho United States tho right if necetr PROPOSALS OR increaseby one third additional' the quantity of any 1 OUR LIGHT I article contracted for viz: i 7 dd yf 1 30000 yards 6 4 skyrblua twilled woollen Cloth to bo tho Treasury IJi a Officb Liaif'riUAfesSiUpARD Washington JlECEASEik 28 1 852 SEPARATE SEALED PROPOSALS received nt this office until 12 on ITuesdaj l5 ejay of ebru aiy 1853 fur building and equipping to bo com pleted within four months fro(u the dajtl ij thp signing of tho contract to be delivered to the proptjjyMntodacd agent of tho Department at New York for uno to Jo ejljvered at Bos ton for one to be delivered at point Jo djWijtiatod by the Board in incyard Sound and for 7dni to 4e delivered at Smithville (Cajio ear) North Carolii nono of tho bids are satisfactory jLdd it will bo nt liberty to decline to accept any of hfi ib tnq no Contract 1 will be entered into until it shall havod'Hgihi iJbiittel to and I inpproved the honorable Secretary a'i''toufury Notpruposal will be considered un1esq4Awd 4rom persons 'engaged in shipbuilding and each ffi4 by the signatures of two responsible sureties tor the faithful fulfilment of tho contract I The white oak to be of tho pest sespo: tfl'fauiiier and tho I yellow pine of the finest grain u'ntnppei'i S(eypiTttimber I Length 100 feet extreme breadth 21Bitfc1iJf hold 13ft tonnage 265 34 96 keel of white oak post apron I and dead woods of live oak sided 12iueJSlspWlpth clear of I timbers 2 feet 6 inches including the fa AjteJ formed of I two depths cooked and bolted together' will be I three thick garbuard strokes of white swkXhind with i of one inch copper bolts and tree nails and apron I of live oak fastened with copper! bolts 1T0iej bgi inch to 1 I inch Timber and room 22 inches lopra jqitsiower futtocks I of white oak sided inches top timbyrsiAjilKstanchooiis of I locust sided 7 Inches taoulding at tlirityl side of I kocl 15 inches at floor head 9 inches abplaher 5 inches and at rail 4 inches rame to have qaws of i of one I inch diameter in each scarph Bottom sulid level a I cross to tho height of the throat of the ffii'i pleust hooks I three forward and three nft below and one Umler the rail sided 8 inches faatenb one inch bolts of copper oriron as they are the line of eoppep fastening Keelson of white oa'Jt 13 inches in I depth (wo plankK of nine inches in jt oaked and tof'tlthAP lari la rein re rereaJcreC vt i I vvvai VMV VJ 'j VUV i II 11 lUrTllDC turOUljtl CrV floor Ullllmr TIiA tlAAl': Ann! tiitlrevz I i Will kre Voe rewreA Lisi 3 I 7 1 a A I WOU1iGIl wiuijm uuc men wale? ul hitc oak nine Btxakes on each tide in inches in width 7 inches Bottom plank of wlWgfk if thickness when dubbed off 3j inches in wijth uiiuer heVyfes from 7J inches to 9 inches and below the hes Be low tho lino of copper fastening which wi4pe 21 feet above tho floating lino when loaded tile fat iiiij will be inch locust tree nails and composition the fas tening will bo of one inch bolte and tyBtltntoqunro fas tened iand the bolts will bo through ljult'hvvjm from the outside cf tho wales and bottom plank itoH tl on rin Butt bolts of ono inch diameter of the vales theupper strakca of tho fore and aft hood? will not bo than ip and not I043 than 30 feet on tho bottom 4 stakes between two butts on tho same frames upperdeck of white oak five stakes on each ride ifl and 5 as hcS thick iocricd 14 inhAH nvr ik i iit about 50 feet amiUhip8 the fore and being 34 10 bee thick bolted edgewise in every otj Vith i bolts Leaus of upper doek 5 feet from centre southern fnc gram yellow pine sided 10 inches 8 inches kneed at each end with one dagger tfcncc fas tened With of an inch bolts those throghjf tl Vti ly being driven from the ntftaide of the wales 5 inches moulded 51 inches in two tier Ledges Ims mould ed 4 ipchcs Water ways of yellow tged over the beams with of ohe inch bolts 'Coaiutoi brad ledges of yellow pine 5 inches thick and 2 feetkij ick Be tween tie fore and mainmast one itimbcriofftls) frame will run through the plank sheer to thqraiL 4iaUo fhftc oak in thickness 3J inches and 3j feet above tpa to strings pn the inside and outside of the fafarwi irinSvwith I of ah inch bolts tot 7 AJpper deck plank of fine grain in thickness when dubbed off and fflaned 3 inches inspq' li'' JnU'hcs fas tened with iron spikes and plugged i IOWCr lcck djLUllifl nf whitA 3 lkreM and 9 inches wide" Beams of yellow 10 inched moulded inches kneed at each end wi? firtj and da ger kneq fastened with i of one iueh ItZ ffose through the body being driven from the outride htgurin plink Deck framing as tho deck above eoarningi vHtho deck 6 inches Thick strokes the turn of thel bilge white oak tour strokes on each side' 6 inches thick inches wide keels of white oak in length 60 xjljckness 9 i inches width amidahip 15 inches at tho ends fANfAnAri AIaI i IR a'Ii 'tL bilge inside with one of one inchi copptbift ach tim ber and riVHtAI mn fhA incilre Arekre JL vti between decks of yellow pine 5 inches ctoind Before the foremast and abaft the tnajiftfla Bulwarks Brill be planked inside and out betwedn ihcA'iAiiid main matt on the outridq only 1 Ports on esich side and twqon each al ja tjie stern hung with composition hinges to the strin Jitili'eMthe rail 1 artnes of masts kneed in both dcckai with base and cross pieces Gable biu tnches qtarruK pfnst down to tho timber or ceiling: Cat heads oP knees inches with iron strops Scupptnsfitf wfesteh ridZ leaded and fitted with lids Air ports ixti mrrn each side of composition Deck lights in uppeZrifk num toeiWpUmP8 composition chandler air Jboxcs 8 inches in diameter With leadipipe of 4 meg A in Wooden cases and pump gear complete A4do j7iMi deck etoPoff Wlth PU1UP Icading mts er diam eter of chamber 4 inches One patent S'luTft VnSass indiameter 8 inches Hawse holes leaded titoLwfth Ion cast iron sppes for chain cables rusinJjTLrtaera framed in the deck With flanges and pair of davi? for 4 Chain locriWessers piatforras for tanks and ballast and storco the hold I re1 a A IW1U1B XUlJr lliar va wrre I a 11 ra i nw rtvitesa ladders hatches a lllllll ll 1 1 If I fl jw i i I a jr snss i six firrtt molii i toyVi mu i vae umh ovv pj nece sary ring and eyo" alT I chain cable of not less than 70 stancheonS fitted steps on Also a 4j iuch hemp cable 100 fath with 30 ro is rll on felt exceeding o0 pounds the square meh for locomotion linn i luul aun ing load I ceeding 150 pounds the square inch have three tO and to be made by a United States SSoy? Two bVelhWd chSS at tbaI 0 time bC for four dis I inches two gaffs a Square sail yard and hriSi eaeh boat each seow to be provided will be made for quantities as delivered and insnect bo fitted Witg tho neJar7rim1 rol itb bott8 so arranged as to I Pet cent upon the value thereof which neVcent nino a rigging 'MdarftMight discharge tho whole load at one Knh to will be forfeited ro re itu i nun Per eent a uviuuwiD till uiniK'i rirtnira irew i ing the two lanterns around the masts teound I i rniknni ABERT the masts on deck Ono hoop iron dkv ma? Tik 1 1 1 Corps Topographical Engineers head Six iron water tanks Url and i Cou Jon each A startingtub riveted kXITouI iron Advertiser BuRto Express New York Commercial Oil tankfl frt pnnloin reAreL Ten si I UMT DU1I4I0 AflVAYtiKnr DaIpaw Hf gauoiuk utted ornnto T'rew 1 7i va nnhvt vusKs ox zu ffallons nn Mreh nil a I ax I a nm IIIVU L1JH Hfifivn a vs I 1 re BtovmYb8 cr7 ol relVU given on the 20th DtraW beH weiehiL i 8 A 0t A a Aihlmn h0 and second and third loors of the oonnA MOO pounds One whale boft 7 fret lung Ul1 mS now being erected on the northeast corner of 7th copper fastened with musts sails oars I Btrcet mnd Louisiana avenue in this! sire i plots orty tons of pig ballast aYV0Ul being constructed to embre aU th modern V8 AU the necessary fixturesand gear for wofY lXfe cWblcs I Bc8toui'ant in connexion with a Kitchen and vaults for and aft udth (rind provi8iom 4c The restaurant will communi seis which will form a part of tho sneiiificaiton energetic and responsible tieraon to an tracts can be seen end: Examined wfth th ad early soSd so tZat Underetand8 the ings at the office of the Lighthouse Board him can now be taken nd vantage of a 7 swous of submitting proposals 7 WvwW de accommodation and coriifortfe Tf ensUre h18 own fu A drawing of the vessel contracted fur fer £11 to tbis situated in the he3t of Kt1? tor at Philadelnhito i sAti'tlcc allow the crow time for monl "nul t0 persons who may wsh to examine a11 tys nm iwntuul V1K Pi w'uw igntnuuae 'Board I rench Jii Ti educated i Dbc 30 18tf most distinguishedem ht VAVVX i MMrtre' 'AftAkre llL' nca QTATECity and Raiimo i to 10 per cent and well nX aeo 2: co3w I 30 two 10000 8000 10000 I 10000 I 3000 duz pairs half stockings 3 sizes weighing 3 pounds I per dozen 7 I Pompons Yellow crimson oriuigc green red and blue I Brass scales fur dragoons i 1 I Bronze scales for mounted rifles I Epaulettes Engineers ordinance artillery and infantry Do sergeants corporals and privates engineers ord nance artillery and infantry Wursted Sashes crimson i Binding and Cords of all kinds 'Buttons Coat and Vest for engineers ordnance dragoons rifles artillery aud infantry i Lumber 2d common per 1000 feet (box stuff i inch) cuing Axes Spades Drumsartillery and infantry i fes a Drum Heads batter 1 Do snared Drum Sticks aud Carriages Do Cords Do Snares Hospital Tent Poles and pins seta uu ao Common do Iron Combs Curry Combs Sours Pairs Halliards garrison and recruiting lag Bunting red white and blue Blue Serge Blue lannel for cos lining All which it is desirable should ho of in ntt a ture and must conform iin quality and other respects to the stnndard faeulcd pdlfornu in thi office by which all Hitjiplie? fl rvi wh re1 re Are I 1 re wi vuhuuvhi ivhi iiu cam pie ui wnicn lor ltll till tOIIAVI lreitSva I tere rerer tew I J4S nt 14 ujf lllilil nlin illiy iHl dittunl linfonnutivn upon the subject which inay be derired frvmimanufaeturerA wishing to offer proposals will be based upon accepted proposal for the faithful fulfilment of which two or moro Kami ilfoii ill ha quired Any unreasonable delay in the execution of the bond for such faithful fulfilment of the contract will bo regarded as sufficient cause for cancelling the acceptance of the favored bid i Bids are desiredonlyfrom manufacturcrEor regular dealers in thq article proposed to be furnished and none will bo spectre! or considered from any one who is not known as a manufacturer or regular dealer in the desired supplies which fact or tho reverse mustibo distinctly stated in the bids offer ed as well us tho names and ad lress of the persons intended to be proposed as securities in case a contract is obtained Ten per cent of the araoutit of each delivery will be retain ed until the Contract shall completed which is to be forfeit ed to the United States in case of failure on the part of the c*ntraeturtu fulfil tbe terms and stipulations of his contract I i CROSMAN uec 1 GLdA3tawteb Major aud Quartermaster i ROPOsALS OR DREDGE BOATS I i War Department Bckxau Corps or ToiooBAinicAi Engineers I December 8 1852 TJROPOSALS will be received until and including the I Oth JL day of next ebruary far the construction of four steam dredge boats to be worked by high pressure engines vix I On for Lake Champlain to be delivered inspected and re I ceiled at White ball Harbor' on Lake Champlain I One for Lake Ontario to bd dcK verod invTtAAtAsI tnl 1 ceived Oswego on Lake Ontario 7 I One for Lake Erie to be delivered inspected and received I at Eric on Lake Erie' 7 1 I On A Tr 1 a Xf rerere Ire re '2II 1 A )' I ava sanuiivuigau) W1 IMS UV11 CjyU Uispec ICU rC i 1 11 wax luwywt HU IVVTITC ccived at Chicago Illinois I umc 5 stated will be or allowecl the part of the The hull of each boat to 110 feet long 30 feet beam with bUteS'i i guards 7 feet wide sufficient for bucket ladder and paddle I proposals will be endorsed Timber in wheels to draw when equipped not exceeding 3 feet of water I a 011 outside of the envelope and will be ad To have two cylindrical boilers made of the best boiler dref8ed to undersigned ABERT iron one quarter of an inchili thickness twenty two feet long I Co1 CorP! Topographical Engineers? and forty inches in diameter each I inserted in i the Republic Intelligencer and Union The working cylinders of the engine to be twelve inches I 'jathington Courier and Enquirer and Express New York diameter inride not less than half an inch thickness of metal I crinout Jvurnal Windsor Vermont Albany 1 Regifter A1 and to have a length of stroke of four feet with a half stroke I lanJ Express Albany New York twenty times daily cut off i I twice a week until ebruary 10 dec 20tdA2aweblfi wav pBuoie wueexs xor xocomouoB with suit I'KOPOSALg OR TIMIIRH abfo accommodation for the office fa anti hnnd rnniraJ I i nWw rere rerol re aL La I I axvasMAv auu vrB iuu coal eay captain mate pilot engineer fl 4 fr tar re) a re Vre rel 1 about fifty tons of coal' No advanco will be made on a contract nor will a boat be ZX re i 1 I re it tete VAsvt 4K4U wr uulu aiicr uas oeen inspected and tried ft PrerBf and found to meet the terms of contrast 'I Pennsylvania llsach boat Will hA Wilk re 4rere 3 I MVU nuu A JUIU UHPCU JrOWI I re re i wwvtss 1 boat 20 feet long and with four good oar? and also a suitable I 1CCC3' each 30 feet fong hewed Umber 12 bv I9 yawl boat and oars for usutiug in weighing anchor I 20 do hewed or sawpd iBQhoatwiH be inspected in reference to arrangbmente materials and eauinment and will anltont I 52 tria i 368 piles 24 feet lung Square 14 at the bie end Ist As to locomotive nowerl Tt will hv tn I I (Whether hesrsft a Kre inn reite ai" "Ml no siaieu i to ycaiwiaAil inc waters ol each lake uuwmber or Black Ash hewed rispectively inconsecutive hours at a rate of not less than six the poixisal mile the hour 1 750 pieces 30 feet long 12 bv 12 2d As to drcdxrmir nowor Tt will hnwn retore I i ii 4 2 OX rere re arer MIA 44 15" I AL IV Charge into scows of loose snrid 120 cubic yards the hour of 368 Ido 20 Il mivitlr! ex? nil rere1 1 1 are I retre i parv eanu ana parts clay I A cu 1C ysrll8itnc hour of pure clay 80 cubic 170 ido yards the hour of tenacious clay and of sand and gravel 60 I Hcinh AllhlA Viltela re 11 1 re I i Mieuvurxron aaepin oi not less than 10 nor PYPPUrhntr 17 frere I 1 This must be tho AnnHnnol wnrl nf ilmkAl 1: tai I an I watcr during any shorter time of work I 580 iilo JraTlwL ifatches Each boat will have to be sunnlied with I 1 i hre I Iftsa ihnn fiOA i UUL I rea' zi rew a reczv i uuiiuc anu iwss ronem vx An vo siisi JftfH esawVi nM eaeh nnrl witls i et pvunas 90 do 50 do 54 do 43 do 51 do 16 do 27 do 44 do 27 do 42 do 27 do 40 do 27 do 33 do 27 do 36 do 127 do 35 do 216 do 34 do (The above sticks low pine to be Ona year Seven years or life Hii to if5 97 1 67 i 190 125 1371 4253 1 65 178 i347 7 3464 34L 668 ii I I i I.

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