The Best 7 Days To Die Seeds To Play In Alpha 21 (2024)

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Here are some of the best World Seeds you should play in 7 Days to Die in Alpha 21.

The Best 7 Days To Die Seeds To Play In Alpha 21 (1)

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  • How To Use World Seeds in 7 Days to Die
  • Best World Seeds in 7 Days to Die
    • 1. lottaloot (Seed Number: 352441400)
    • 2. Giggling Goats (Seed Number: 600772532)
    • 3. Afterlife (Seed Number: 1277844790)
    • 4. Greenland (Seed Number: 1276328956)
    • 5. Bad-temperedBench (Seed Number: 63822534)

With 7 Days to Die World Seeds, you can switch up your experience and gain access to new locations, more loot, and unique places to explore. These seeds can open up many opportunities, so you're probably wondering what the best World Seeds in 7 Days to Die are and how to use them. But fear not. We're here to help you find the best places to spawn. Here's our list of the top World Seeds in 7 Days to Die.

How To Use World Seeds in 7 Days to Die

World Seeds in 7 Days to Die allows players to experience different in-game environments and biomes, allowing for a varied gameplay experience. Here's how you can dive into these unique worlds:

  1. Open up the World Generation Sandbox in 7 Days to Die.
  2. Enter the name of your seed.
  3. After inputting the seed, the game generates a tailored world. Delve into its unique features, landscapes, and biomes.

If you've never tried exploring a World Seed before, it's a good idea to try out several and find out which ones you favor. 7 Days To Die has several different biomes, so exploring World Seeds can allow you to check more of those biomes out in detail (though some seeds even contain more than one!).

Best World Seeds in 7 Days to Die

1. lottaloot (Seed Number: 352441400)

  • Best for: Loot, cities
  • Details: True to its name, this seed promises tons of loot. There are a lot of cities in this spawn, full of items for players to grab. There are lots of resources on this map, making it well worth visiting if you're looking for some city exploration.

If you're looking to check out some forests or other areas, you might want to check out a different seed on our list.

2. Giggling Goats (Seed Number: 600772532)

  • Best for: Traders, forests
  • Details: Unlike lottaloot, this map seed, unfortunately, doesn't have what its name implies; there aren't any giggling goats at this location (at least not that we've found...). While you won't find these funny farm animals, you will find lots of places to explore - including a forest and lots of towns. You'll also be able to easily find traders, allowing you to purchase any items you'll need on your travels.

Overall, this is a solid World Seed for those looking for something new but not extravagant.

3. Afterlife (Seed Number: 1277844790)

  • Best for: Diverse biomes, traders
  • Details: Afterlife is one of the most diverse map seeds on our list, boasting three of the game's five biomes. It has deserts, forests, and wasteland biomes within its limits. If you're looking to get many different resources and see many different locations all in one go, this is a great way to go about it.

There are also many nearby traders on this map that won't take you long to reach, much like Giggling Goats. This map is greatly convenient and has lots of interesting sights to see.

4. Greenland (Seed Number: 1276328956)

  • Best for: Forests, unique locations, exploration
  • Details: Another seed that lives up to its name, Greenland, has a ton of greenery in the form of thick forests. While there are only a few cities on this map, Greenland's cities are notable since there are buildings in this World Seed that players won't find anywhere else.

With multiple water sources nearby, finding it is also a breeze. As a result, Greenland is one of the best World Seed we've seen in 7 Days To Die; it's not only fun to explore, there are resources aplenty.

5. Bad-temperedBench (Seed Number: 63822534)

  • Best for: Exploring all biomes,
  • Details: The final seed on our list. Bad-temperedBench has a lot going for it. It has a lot of forest versus land, meaning there are many lootable resources and areas on this map. There are also all five biomes here: snow, wasteland, forest, burnt, and desert (however, some of the biomes, notably the snow and wasteland biomes, are extremely small).

Because this map is so big overall, you'll need to cover a lot of distance to explore it; this may be a downside to some, but it's unavoidable for those wanting to check out all of the biomes in one go. Much of that distance is forests, so you can always pick up some good loot along the way.

That's how to use World Seed in 7 Days to Die, including a list of some of our favorites. As we find new ones, we'll add them to this list for you to try out, too!

The Best 7 Days To Die Seeds To Play In Alpha 21 (2024)
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