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This badass YouTuber has more than her fair share of awesome videos to choose from! For this list, we'll be taking a look at the best videos and moments from gamer SSSniperWolf's popular YouTube channel. WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 SSSniperWolf Videos.

Script written by Spencer Sher

Top 10 SSSniperWolf Videos

This badass YouTuber has more than her fair share of awesome videos to choose from! Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 SSSniperWolf Videos.

For this list, we’ll be taking a look at the best videos and moments from gamer SSSniperWolf's popular YouTube channel.


Watching SSSniperWolf, real name Alia Marie "Lia" Shelesh, let loose, never gets old. The YouTube sensation has developed a massive following in recent years, with her channel currently boasting more than 15 million subscribers. Her appeal is directly tied to the way she comments on and interacts with video game culture. In this video, SSSniperWolf tackles the Fortnite Dance Challenge, giving it her all while attempting to replicate the game’s iconic player dance moves. She manages to nail most of the emotes but struggles to pull off the admittedly difficult Orange Justice. This video is fun, entertaining and yes, a little silly, but that’s exactly what makes SSSniperWolf great!


Who’d have thought that watching SSSniperWolf play The World’s Easy-est Game would be this amusing? Armed with nothing more than a computer chair, webcam and her trademark humor, SSSniperWolf slowly makes her way through the game, inviting viewers to tag along as she attempts to decipher a bunch of super easy questions. Okay, some of them are a little tricky, but for the most part they’re a walk in the park. Every once in awhile a question comes along that completely stumps her and that’s when the real fun begins…because watching SSSniperWolf lose her sh*t over questions about toast and rabbits is amazing.


While most people know her as one of YouTube’s preeminent female gamers, SSSniperWolf has mostly eschewed gaming in recent years in favor of reaction videos and more comedic content. Take this video, in which she orders a $5000 mystery box from eBay and films herself opening it. Unsurprisingly, the contents weren’t exactly up to snuff. Some of the items in the box include a dog bed, a back roller and a Gucci sweater that may or may not be real. Feeling ripped off, SSSniperWolf concludes the video with a promise to contact the seller for a refund, and honestly we don’t blame her.


SSSniperWolf has been posting cosplay videos for years. Notable inclusions in her oeuvre include Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy and Quiet from the Metal Gear series; both of which she absolutely hit the mark! She loves engaging in cosplay so much that during a 2016 visit to Comic Con she donned not one, not two but three different looks! The first, an original steampunk costume, garnered a lot of attention from fellow attendees, including a hilariously awkward run-in with a fake Tyrone Biggums, a character from “Chappelle’s Show”. The second look she rocks is a Lolita costume, complete with pigtails and a lollipop, while the third and final cosplay is of a goth zombie.

#6: “I’m Awkward”

Not only does this video show off SSSniperWolf’s legit Call of Duty skills, it also provides a window into who she is when she’s AFK. Around the one minute mark she admits "I'm kind of...extremely awkward" and that she “wasn’t a social person growing up.” Her willingness to discuss her personality and lifelong struggle with social interactions, in such a public way, is both insightful and refreshing. She later admits that it’s extremely difficult for her to have conversations with strangers and that she’s often baffled by the ease with which other YouTube gamers speak to their viewers while playing. YouTubers are becoming exceedingly influential figures, so videos like this can be extremely helpful to people suffering from similar issues.


SSSniperWolf takes a lot of unwarranted flak for simply being a female who enjoys gaming. While she often gets the last laugh due to her superior skills, she isn’t afraid to confront the haters head on with videos like this one. In it, she reads and responds to mean online comments about herself and it’s the best. She kicks things off by stating that the video is sponsored by Bleach and that “if you’re in this video you should drink some”. Talk about setting the tone! She proceeds to verbally decimate a slew of jealous and rage-filled commenters without mercy. It’s a beautiful thing to watch. Even the title of the video is a shot at a poorly written comment. You go girl!


In this video, SSSniperWolf visits her old high school and gets a chance to speak with some of her old teachers. On a base level, it’s a nice change of pace to see her in a different setting to what we’re used to, however, what makes this video great is the interplay between SSSniperWolf and her little sister. The two are best friends and it really shows. The stroll down memory lane proved advantageous for the YouTuber, as her ex-teacher invited her to come back and deliver a talk to his class! Highlight of the video: when a student hangs up on his mom because “there’s somebody famous” next to him.


You don’t score upwards of 7 million views on a video for no reason! In this hilarious video, SSSniperWolf gets into it with a 13-year-old kid while playing Fortnite. The jabbing starts immediately, with the unnamed youngster calling SSSniperWolf names and making fun of her voice. Listening to him continuously tear into her for no apparent reason, while trying to maintain his tough exterior, is guaranteed to have you doubled over in laughter. However, nothing will prepare you for the 180 this kid does when he realizes SSSniperWolf is a girl. Apparently, he doesn’t insult girls, only boys, and is quick to offer her an apology. Hey, better late than never, right?

#2: “Draw My Life - SSSniperWolf!”

The “Draw My Life” video has been done by many a YouTube star over the years, with SSSniperWolf getting in on the action back in 2014. The video is fun for a couple of reasons. First, SSSniperWolf actually has pretty decent drawing skills, making the video considerably more enjoyable than most others of it’s kind. Second, it gives viewers a first-hand account of SSSniperWolf’s childhood and family, including important milestones like when she received her first gaming console as well as how she came up with her now-famous moniker. If you like this video, be sure to check out her self-portrait attempt, it’s actually really good!

Before we unveil our top pick, here are some honorable mentions:


“100th Vid! My Gaming Setup”

“SSSniperWolf Playing Piano + Double Kem Gameplay!”

“SSSniperWolf vs Sniper Wolf (MGS1 #9)”


#1: Owned by a Girl Rage Reactions

We mentioned earlier that SSSniperWolf takes a lot of heat from male gamers simply because she lacks a Y chromosome. However, she’s successfully managed to turn the tables on her male counterparts by besting them in countless virtual arenas. Unsurprisingly, this has led to numerous rage quits, verbal spats and straight up sexism over the years; and SSSniperWolf has documented it all for our viewing pleasure. Watching dudes lose their minds after being killed by a girl is one of the most satisfying things on the internet. You know you’re having a crisis of masculinity when being killed by a girl in a video game sends you into a fit of rage. Watching SSSniperWolf decimate her male opponents will never get old!

Top 10 Best SSSniperWolf Videos | Articles on (2024)
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